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PP Non Woven Fabric Spunbond for Mask Production

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Non woven fabric, or spunbond, is one of the important material to make all kinds of masks, TESTEX supply non woven fabric suitable for producing qualified face masks.


PP Non woven fabric is widely used as both external and interior fabric of the 3 ply face mask and the kn95 face mask, features in breathable, outer layer with splash resistance(on-demand, required in medical-surgical face mask), inner layer with good moisture absorption performance.

Non-woven Fabric is suitable for all kinds of  Masks, Disposable Face Mask, Medical Masks, KN95 Masks, N95 Mask.

PP Non-woven Specications

Product Name Color GSM Specifications
Flat mask
Blue/White/Pink 25 g/m2 Width: 175mm

PP Non-woven Quality Validation Process

To validate the non-woven fabric’s quality furthermore, we set up the testing standard for guiding the test process, including the tensile test, GSM test, formaldehyde test, and ph test.

nonwoven tensile test

Tensile Test

Non-woven GSM Test

GSM Test

Formaldehyde test

Formaldehyde Test

Non-woven Ph Test

Ph Test

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